Deshaun Watson


  • First the obvious. He can run as well as anyone at the position.
  • He is pretty accurate whether his feet are set or he is on the run.
  • He has nice touch on his passes but can zip it when he needs to.
  • He can get the ball downfield and to the sideline.

  • Weaknesses
  • He takes all of his snaps from the shotgun. He will need to work on going from under center a little.
  • He makes the first throw a lot and doesn't check off.
  • When he does hold off a throw, he resorts to his legs.
  • He will need to learn to protect himself when he takes off.
  • He will need to work on reading the defense. He gets away with a few in college that would be a turnover in the NFL.
  • I don't like his awareness around him. He takes big hits not feeling the pressure. He does a good job when seeing the rush in front of him, but not when its coming from behind.

  • Bottom Line
  • He has the tools to be a good NFL QB. He has to be willing to run only when all other otpions are taken away. He is no different than most running QBs. Only a few can stay injury free.