DeShone Kizer

Notre Dame

  • He has the body, frame, and look of an NFL quarterback at 6-4, 230 pounds
  • Nice mobility and speed to extend the play or get outside when a first down is needed.
  • Decent accuracy on the run.
  • Nice arm strength to get the ball downfield.
  • The ball looks small in his hands and he flips it easily.
  • He has the courage to stand in the pocket and deliver the ball.

  • Weaknesses
  • Very system driven. He does a nice job making the throw the play was drawn up for but its mixed results when you see him have to survey the field.
  • He wasn't very good in a big game against Michigan State. His accuracy drops way off.
  • That seems to be a trend against top level competition. Last season in losses to Clemson, Stanford, and Ohio State he completed 55.9, 52, and 59.5 percent in those games. 54.1 against MSU this season.
  • Sails and under throws some passes he should make with ease.

  • Bottom Line
  • He has some skill to work with. He has the arm and athleticism but he needs to be groomed properly. He won't come in and start day and be effective.