Thomas Bryant

  • Nice length to make up for a lack of legit height.
  • Good bulk and frame to put muscle on.
  • Athletic enough to run, catch and finish.
  • Great touch on his shot and his length makes him very good around the basket.
  • He takes a lot of quality shots which makes him an efficient scorer.
  • He has shown the ability to step out and knock down a jumper.
  • He is young and if he works at it, he could develop into a pretty good shooter at the next level.
  • He is a willing rebounder and isn't afraid of contact inside.

  • Weaknesses
  • He isn't an elite athlete for his position.
  • He isn't explosive.
  • He works hard at the defensive end giving support and hedging but is a step slow recovering at the college level. He will need to improve his quickness to recover at the NBA level.
  • He blocks shots due to his length but isn't really a shot blocker.
  • He has to improve his consistency and develop a go to move in the post.
  • He has to work on his perimeter shot. He looks like he is pushing the shot instead of smoothly releasing the shot.
  • He hasn't shown that he is a consistent free throw shooter.
  • Despite being a willing rebounder he hasn't been dominant on the glass and could struggle with longer athletic people on the interior.