Raven Lee

  • Nice strong frame for scoring guard
  • He is able to get to the basket and is strong enough to take a hit and convert
  • He is extremely aggressive getting to the basket.
  • An explosive scorer who can carry his team when he is feeling it
  • Knows how to draw contact and he has developed into a good free throw shooter
  • He has improved from three during his career

  • Weaknesses
  • He must improve his perimeter consistency
  • Must improve his ball handling
  • He goes into defensive lapses and will need to stay focused all the time
  • He hasn't been an efficient shooter during his career
  • He can have a bad attitude and not always a leader
  • Not ideal size for a two guard and not capable of playing the PG full time.

  • Bottom Line
  • He is a scorer and getting into an NBA style game could benefit him as a scorer. However his inefficencies, lack of defense, and lack of playmaking will keep him in Europe.