Mohamed Bamba

  • Extremely long
  • Excellent rim protector who blocks the shot or alters a ton of shots
  • Athletic and mobile and can run the floor
  • He may be able to develop a bit of an outside shot. His career will rely on it.
  • Solid rebounder who should get better as he matures and gets stronger

  • Weaknesses
  • Thin and weak, he will struggle to hold his position at the next level
  • Even though he has made some, he is not an efficient three-point shooter at this stage
  • Very little offensive game at this point outside a little hook over his left shoulder
  • He must play harder
  • Terrible free throw shooter

  • Bottom Line
  • His defense will carve a role for him at the next level. Whether he is a backup or starter will come down to his ability to gain consistency on his jumper. He could be a another version of Biyombo or Tristan Thompson.