Marvin Bagley III

  • Extremely athletic, mobile and runs the floor
  • A good ball handler to lead the break and set up a teamamte
  • Solid passing skills
  • Is capable of putting it on the floor and getting to the rim
  • He has the ability to create his own shot
  • Very good rebounder with great hops and quick off the floor repeatedly
  • Does a lot of his offensive damage on hustle plays in the paint
  • Soft hands and quick feet
  • Showing the ability to step out and knock down a three

  • Weaknesses
  • Not a pure scorer, he creates a lot of shots for himself and misses makable attempts.
  • He doesn't score thru contect and is knocked off his spot a lot
  • Not as good of a shot blocker as you would expect
  • Not a good free throw shooter

  • Bottom Line
  • Athletic and versatile big man. I don't think he has the scoring ability to be a lead player on a team. However he can be an all star and be a teams second option. Similar to what Kevin Love is for the Cavs.