Marcus Lee

  • Lee has NBA athleticism.
  • He can run the floor better than a lot of big men.
  • He has incredible leaping ability.
  • His strength is hitting the glass and protecting the rim.
  • He averaged 1.6 blocks in 21 minutes per game.
  • He would be really good on help defense.

  • Weaknesses
  • He lacks not only a got to move, but offensive moves in general.
  • His offense consists of dunks and fast breaks.
  • He hasn't shown that he has the ability to improve from the perimeter either.
  • He is a terrible free throw shooter.
  • He lacks basketball skill to make an impact on the NBA game.
  • His only role would be as an energetic rim protector off the bench.
  • He lacks bulk and strength however to be a defender in the post.
  • He is miserable from the FT line.
  • Bottom Line
  • He will get his chance to show someone what he can do. Which isn't much. He willhave a hard time making a roster with all his limitations. His strengths aren't enough to overcome his weaknesses.