Marcus Keene

  • An absolute stud scorer.
  • He can really knock down the three.
  • He is capable of getting the three off by using his dribble
  • He is quick and can get to the basket
  • Strong durable frame when taking it inside
  • He elevates enough to score against length and size inside
  • He is a decent distributor
  • He is an aggressive rebounder for his size and position
  • He knows how to draw a foul and get to the line
  • Solid free throw shooter

  • Weaknesses
  • He will take some bad shots not understanding the situation
  • He is turnover prone if you apply a lot of pressure
  • Hasn't show to this point he can be a great defender due to doing everything offensively. He will need to show he can step up at that end of the floor
  • His size is a concern. Stands at only about 5-9

  • Bottom Line
  • He is a better prospect than Kay Felder. He likely won't be as good as Isaiah Thomas but he definitely can score and run a team off a bench.