Malik Newman

  • He is a pretty good shooter on the catch.
  • He is fast, gets the ball up the floor quickly, and attacks the basket.
  • He is a slick ball handler with the ability to create his own shot.
  • He is a willing and able passer on the break.
  • He moves his feet well at the defensive end and he stays in front of his man.

  • Weaknesses
  • He isn't big enough to play the two and he is not a good enough distributor to play the point.
  • He will take some questionable shots.
  • His jump shot mechanics aren't consistent.
  • He lacks the necessary strength to finish when he gets contact.
  • He could developinto an efficient player with strength but I do not like when players can't be efficient at the collegiate level.
  • He lacks instincts of when to attack the basket and when to slow it up like a PG should have. Thats hard to teach.

  • At best I can see him being Gary Harris. He probably won't be that good.