Malik Monk

  • Fantastic scorer
  • Can get hot and light it up from three
  • At his best on catch and shoot
  • Strong straight line drives finishing above the rim with power
  • He has the ability to create his own jump shot
  • Solid finisher on the break
  • Solid ball handler
  • Quick defensively but not really a lock down defender
  • Good free throw shooter

  • Weaknesses
  • Undersized for a SG
  • Not a good enough playmaker for a PG. May struggle transitioning to a full time PG
  • He doesn't make the easy pass and put his teammate in a positon to take the shot
  • He struggles to score in the half court against length

  • Bottom Line
  • He has the athleticism and shooting stroke to make it. He still needs to get better on the defensive end and he will need to work hard on his PG skills to make a huge impact at the next level.