Kevin Porter

  • Big strong guard
  • Good three-point shooter
  • He uses his dribble to get seperation with a pull up or step back shot
  • Lefty who can score with both hands
  • Shifty ball handler
  • Big finisher in the paint
  • When he is engaged he is a capable defender able to cause turnovers with his length

  • Weaknesses
  • He doesn't score well off the ball. He has to have it in his hands.
  • He lacks an explosive first step
  • He hasn't played well after his injury and suspension
  • Unacceptable percentage from the line
  • Terrible fundamentally at both ends

  • Bottom Line
  • He has been suspended and injured too early for my liking. He has potential to be a 3 and D player potentally as a low end JR Smith.