Justin Patton

  • Ability to hit a hook shot over either shoulder
  • He attacks the glass and isn't content to wait for the ball
  • Good shot blocker
  • Runs the floor well and gets to the front of the rim
  • Solid hands to catch the ball in traffic
  • Mobile player defensively who can move on the perimeter
  • Does a good job coming up with turnovers
  • Small sample but he is 50% from three. He could develop more as a threat from the perimeter
  • He doesn't force his offense often and is efficient

  • Weaknesses
  • He is razor thin for his height and must get significantly stronger
  • Lack of strength hurts his ability as a big time rebounder
  • Lack of strength hurts his ability to defend the paint
  • He doesn't have great body control all the time when he makes his offensive move
  • Inability to create his own shot
  • Terrible from the FT line right now

  • Bottom Line
  • He has the athleticism and defensive ability to make it as a role player in the league for a long time. He could also provide the ability to eventually consistently knock down a 17 foot jumper.