Jimmy Hall

  • Exception scorer with his back to the basket. He has 1,001 moves to get his shot off.
  • His length is outstanding as he seems to just keep going.
  • His length allows him to score inside against bigger opponents.
  • He has incredible touch on his shot.
  • He sees the floor well and is a capable distributor on the double team.
  • He is a good rebounder at both ends of the floor.
  • He is a smart player and gets a lot of offensive rebounds because he knows how to read the ball off the rim and he keeps active to get the ball.
  • Hall is a decent shot blocker for his size when helping.

  • Weaknesses
  • Hall overall is a weak defender.
  • He is too small to shut down bigger players.
  • He has the bulk to bang but he can't stop them from scoring over the top.
  • He is too slow to play away from the basket against a three man.
  • He will get caught leaning defensively and commit silly fouls.
  • For as great as his touch is in the paint he is a mediocre free throw shooter.
  • He can step out and hit a jumper but he isn't consistent and you would prefer he limit his attempts.
  • He let's his emotions get the best of him on occasion which leads to a silly action.

  • He could make it offensively despite the lack of size like a Draymond Green. However he is not the defender Green is and lacks the explosion of Green which would ultimately be his downfall.