Jaylin Walker

  • Super shifty scorer
  • Really good three point shooter when he sets his feet
  • Quick release and he only needs an inch to get his shot off
  • Good explosion off the floor
  • Quick hands to slap the ball. Leads to a lot of steals
  • He plays hard offensively with a lot of energy
  • Good rebounder for his size and position
  • Good free throw shooter

  • Weaknesses
  • He hasn't shown consistency during his career
  • Not a good ball handler
  • Not a good distributor for a guard and would have a hard time moving to PG at the next level
  • Struggles defensively one on one
  • Undersized
  • During his career he has shot a team out of a game as much as he can shoot them into one

  • Bottom Line
  • He can score at an elite level but hasn't shown consistency until this year. He lacks a lot of other skills to make it at the next level.