Ja Morant

  • Quick and jittery with the ball in his hands
  • Elite passer who makes plays and sees the floor exceptionally well
  • Extremely good ball handler he uses to get where he wants to go
  • Not an explosive leaper but enough athleticism and aggression to challenge at the rim and dunk
  • Quick defensively pressuring the ball and shooting passing lanes
  • Efficient scorer when he is inside the arc
  • Tremendous body control
  • Good free throw shooter
  • Plays hard with a lot of energy

  • Weaknesses
  • Shooting from the perimeter
  • He keeps the ball low and looks like he is pushing it at times
  • Too much confidence in his passing and turns the ball over too much
  • As his level of competition goes up it will be even more critical to take care of the ball. As evident from his 10 TOs against Alabama.
  • He will need to add about 15 pounds on his frame while not losing his qucikness and shiftiness

  • Bottom Line
  • I don't see a superstar here at the Curry, Lillard, Irving level but I do see a player with potential to be a pretty good starting PG. His shooting won't hold him back because he has other skills but his turnovers will if he doesn't get those under control.