Ike Anigbogu

  • Huge frame but athltic and mobile
  • Tremendous finisher with power in the paint
  • Excellent shot blocker
  • He recovers well defensively on the perimeter
  • Strong and physical inside
  • Nice hands to catch the ball on the break or in pick in roll
  • Plays with a lot of energy

  • Weaknesses
  • Not much offensive game at this point
  • Terrible free throw shooter
  • Not much of a ball handler, whether thats posting up, on the break
  • He doesn't move his feet well on the perimeter
  • He committed a lot of fouls but was better in the second half of the season

  • Bottom Line
  • Watching him, you don't get a feeling he can ever develop anything offensively other than a little hook. He has some improvement defensively but he should get a look with his size, shot blocking, and rebounding. He appears that he will pan out as a nice role player off the bench at best.