Devin Robinson

  • Nice length for a three man
  • Quick off the floor and plays well above the rim
  • Has become a good outside shooter
  • Has become an efficient player from inside the arc the last couple seasons.
  • Solid rebounder for his position
  • He moves his feet well defensively and he is quick to recover
  • His length makes it difficult for players to shoot over

  • Weaknesses
  • Light and will need to add strength
  • He has to improve his ball handling
  • He isn't a very good creator
  • Can be careless with the ball
  • He can get lost on the floor at times and disappear
  • Not an aggressive or instinctual scorer

  • Bottom Line
  • He has the physical body to make it. If he continues to shoot the ball with consistency and he gains some strength he could be a nice 3 and D player. I will rank him on potential, but realistically he isn't there yet.