Bol Bol

  • Tall, athletic and smooth
  • Good rim protector and good length to challenging shots on the perimeter
  • Efficient offensive player
  • Nice hook with his back to the basket
  • Soft touch around the basket
  • Can hit a three when he can set his feet
  • Good hands to catch in traffic. Whether thats in the post or on a rebound
  • Solid rebounder

  • Weaknesses
  • Super thin base and will need to get stronger to hold his ground
  • He doesn't move great away from the basket at the defensive end

  • Bottom Line
  • He will bring a solid defensive presence to a rotation. He will make some buckets but his frame and lack of strength with hold him back a bit at the next level. Look for him to be around a 10 and 7 guy who can pop an occasional 3.