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NFL Mock Draft

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Updated: 8/2/2017

Myles Garrett, LB - Texas A&M Last time I thought there was no way the team could pass on a QB here. But analytics may say they will and cross their fingers they can get a QB later. Analytics will say to take one of the two pass rushers.
Jonathan Allen, DE - Alabama Another QB hungry team passes on one for the higher value. The defense can use Allen in a bad way.
Mitch Trubisky, QB - North Carolina The Bears move into a new QB era.
Jabrill Peppers, S/LB - Michigan The addition of Peppers makes the linebackers start to look pretty good.
Jamal Adams, S - LSU Pass defense is the #1 issue. They must rebuild the defensive backfield to take the next step in the standings.
Leonard Fournette, RB - LSU Forte isn't a long term option. They have to take the pressure off whatever young QB they roll with and the best way to do that is to get back to a dominante run game.
Cam Robinson, OT - Alabama The YPC is poor and they give up a ton of sacks. If they want to squeeze a few more productive seasons out of Rivers and lean on Gordon more, they must be more physical up front.
Jalen Tabor, CB - Florida The pass defense is pretty poor. They could use a young playmaker here. Expect a corner or safety in this spot.
Derek Barnett, Edge - Tennessee Johnson hasn't been as productive opposite Dunlap as he needs to be.
John Ross, WR - Washington Quick name a reliable Bills WR? What they have is either injury prone or not productive. Watkins may figure out how to stay on the field at some point, but even if he does, having another playmaker would be ideal for their future QB to pitch to.
Marlon Humphrey, CB - Alabama Another team who can't stop the pass. They need someone opposite Breaux.
Mike Williams, WR - Clemson They need some playmakers if they can't retain Pryor. Cross their fingers that there is someone at the top of round two at the QB spot.
Deshaun Watson, QB - Clemson Do they prepare for the sooner than later future of life after Palmer or give it one more shot this season. They could compete anyway without a 1st rounder so making sure they remain competitive over the next 6-8 years is important.
Adoree Jackson, CB - USC If they can develop his skill he is a high level athlete to add to the secondary.
Mike McGlinchey, OT - Notre Dame I can see a top RB here to get the running game going but they can get that in round two. Protecting Luck has to be priority number one.
Zach Cunningham, OLB - Vanderbilt The Ravens get their next great LB.
Desmond King, CB - Iowa The defense just needs help. Whether its against the run or pass. I wouldn't be shocked to see a LB here either. Makes sense to put an elite body opposite Norman.
Sidney Jones, CB - Washington A second body to rebuild that defensive backfield.
Malik Hooker, FS - Ohio State Safety is a spot defensively that they could use an upgrade.
Ryan Ramczyk, OT - Wisconsin The OL has given up the 5th most sacks in the league thru week 14 and the run game is averaging only 3.6 yards per carry. Whether its Siemian or Lynch under center, or Booker or Anderson running the OL has to pull their weight.
JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR - USC Marvin Jones has been a disappointment. He hasn't had more than 4 catches since week 4 and he has topped 70 yards just once since week four. The Lions need a better option opposite Tate.
Lowell Lotulelei, DT - Utah The run defense could be better. Wilfork is aging up front and they could use a little more next to him.
Malik McDowell, DL - Michigan State Despite the names up front, they can't stop anyone from running the ball.
Tim Williams, DE - Alabama Age, injuries, and inconsistency is setting in on this side of the ball.
Roderick Johnson, OT - Florida State Wilson has been under fire all season. The Seahawks are 19th in yards per game running the ball and have given up the 9th most sacks in the league. More stability and consistency is a must.
Dalvin Cook, RB - Florida State Jennings is 31 and averaging 3.4 ypc. Perkins has potential but is struggling as well. Cook could be the explosive player to kick start the league's second worst rushing attack.
Reuben Foster, LB - Alabama The linebackers and corners could use a bit of an upgrade. Foster could be eased into the lineup but take over sooner than later.
Carl Lawson, OLB - Auburn Vic Beasley has exploded getting to the QB but they desperately need a consistent pass rush other than him. He has 13.5 of their 28.
Christian McCaffrey, RB - Stanford Murray's has been inconsistent. McCaffrey brings the same versatility but hopefully more consistency out of the backfield.
Dan Feeney, OG - Indiana Spencer Ware has shown he can be a solid all around block even though he has struggled lately. They are 25th in rushing yards, 22nd in ypc, and 17th in TDs. On top of that they have given up 30 sacks on the season.
Charles Harris, DE - Missouri The pass defense is still weak and some of it is because they don't get to the QB. Harris could help here.
Jarrad Davis, LB - Florida They lost two pretty good defensive players when they traded away Jones and Collins so upgrading what's left seems like the way to go.

The following Mock Draft is based on how Midampub predicts the draft will unfold. Not based on midampub's rankings of the best prospects.