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NFL Mock Draft

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Updated: 8/2/2017

Sam Bradford, QB - Oklahoma Bradford is the franchise quarterback and will be counted on to get the Rams back to a title contender in the West. Later they need to give him some quality protection.
Ndamukong Suh, DT - Nebraska Detroit has made some good off season moves. Suh is brought in to replace Grady Jackson and make an immediate impact. Hill and Suh should really keep blockers off the linebackers.
Gerald McCoy, DT - Oklahoma The Bucs luck out by getting the dominant McCoy. He should be key in shutting down the run which is something they could not do last season.
Russell Okung, OT - Oklahoma State Taking an OLT with their first pick is almost a no brainer now that they traded for McNabb. They can't afford to have McNabb take a beating. They may value Bulaga or Trent Williams more but there is no doubt a LT will be selected here.
Trent Williams, OT - Oklahoma The Chiefs need an upgrade up front to open holes for the running game and to protect Cassel. Williams is athletic enough to play from day one.
Bryan Bulaga, OT - Iowa The Seahawks need someone to anchor the OL. Bulaga can be that guy and protect whichever QB the team rolls with. They could also get the better player and take Berry here.
Eric Berry, S - Tennessee The Browns luck out and get one of the top talents in the draft. Berry complete a very good defensive backfield. Holmgren has done a nice job of solidifying that weakness pretty quick.
Anthony Davis, OT - Rutgers The Raiders will take the last of the top OTs. This is the one unknown however. Oakland has to do something though to try and make their skilled players better.
Jimmy Clausen, QB - Notre Dame With all of the top OLT's off the board the next biggest need is someone to throw the ball. They could opt to pass on Clausen and snag a run stuffer like Dan Williams.
Earl Thomas, S - Texas They just signed Hayward and Kampman at DE so they likely pass on a pass rusher. They need playmakers on the defensive side of the ball. Thomas is the "best" available. McClain could be snagged here too.
Rolando McClain, ILB - Alabama For a long time I expected Dez Bryant to be selected here but it doesn't make sense. Why trade a guaranteed 100 receptions because he had baggage for another potential problem child. And this one doesn't guarantee 100 receptions. So they go with McClain who is a game changing tackler. The Broncos get the next Patrick Willis.
Derrick Morgan, DE - Georgia Tech Morgan will provide some youthful pass rushing legs to an aging defense. He should be able to put the same pressure on the QB that Joey Porter did from the outside.
Joe Haden, CB - Florida The Niners need some help in the defensive passing game. Haden may not have top end speed but he plays smart and knows how to cover. If for some reason Clausen drops, he could be a fit here too.
CJ Spiller, RB - Clemson Spiller is picked to take the lead back spot from Jones and Forsett. He should find plenty of holes running behind Bulaga.
Mike Iupati, OG - Idaho The OL could use an upgrade. Since there are no LTs around, the Giants grab the drafts top guard. Iupati could be a starter immediately. Linebacker would be another potential pick here.
Jason Pierre-Paul, DE - South Florida The Titans need someone to get to the QB since Vanden Bosch left town. The biggest need is at DE and not OLB. Pierre-Paul should provide an immediate pass rush.
Brandon Graham, OLB - Michigan The Niners need another pass rusher and Graham would fit perfectly opposite Lawson. When we look back at this draft Graham may be the best pass rusher of the lot.
Maurkice Pouncey, C - Florida Pittsburgh needs to keep Ben on his feet (if he's still a Steeler) and needs someone to help the rushing attack get back to dominant. They could go LB here too but OL is probably the biggest weakness at this point.
Sergio Kindle, OLB - Texas The Falcons need a pass rusher and Kindle can fill that void. He can line up at DE in the 4-3 or LB.
Kareem Jackson, CB - Alabama Houston needs playmakers in the defensive backfield especially since Duanta Robinson is gone. Jackson edges out Kyle Wilson for this pick.
Dez Bryant, WR - Oklahoma State Bryant is the player that drops the most in this draft. The Bengals however will take a chance on him hoping that he brings the passing game back from mediocrity.
Jerry Hughes, OLB - TCU The Patriots need some speed, youth and versatility on the defensive side of the ball. Hughes can do a little bit of everything and is a perfect fit for their defense.
Sean Weatherspoon, OLB - Missouri Weatherspoon is a tackling machine. He is fast and has good instincts. The final piece to the leagues most productive linebacking foursome.
Kyle Wilson, CB - Boise State After the Sims trade and Brown trade, corner is the defenses biggest need. Wilson is the best corner on the board.
Jermaine Gresham, TE - Oklahoma Flacco gets the top pass catcher in the draft at the TE position. He should eventually replace Heap and provide a nice target in the red zone. Now start building back the defense.
Taylor Mays, S - USC Mays can replace Rolle in the lineup and gives the Cardinals another big hitter to team with Adrian Wilson. They may even try to convert him to LB.
Bruce Campbell, OT - Maryland The Cowboys OL is getting old, slowing down and thin in depth. Campbell should immediately help on one of the two sides.
Ryan Matthews, RB - Fresno State Sproles can't carry the load and the Chargers need a lead back. Matthews is a logical selection.
Dan Williams, DT - Tennessee Williams slips to the Jets who get a quality pick here. Williams can provide depth early in his career before he takes over for one of the aging tackles.
Terrance Cody, DT - Alabama With no corner worthy of this pick the Vikings go after the Williams' replacement. Cody is a mountain of a man and should see a lot of snaps this season.
Jared Odrick, DT - Penn State Odrick will add some quality bulk and strength up front for the Colts. They need someone with some bulk to slow down the running game.
Everson Griffen, DE - USC Griffen should be able to line up in a variety of positions and cause havoc. Another possibility is LB Brandon Spikes.

The following Mock Draft is based on how Midampub predicts the draft will unfold. Not based on midampub's rankings of the best prospects.