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NFL Mock Draft

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Updated: 8/2/2017

Matthew Stafford, QB - Georgia Detroit needs something to build around. Calvin Johnson is already a top flight receiver. Getting him a quarterback makes sense. Unless they trade down the only other pick this could be would be one of the OT's.
Eugene Monroe, OT - Virginia I wouldn't be shocked to see Crabtree snagged here to replace Tory Holt. But the running game has to get back on track. With the loss of Pace and several average linemen, the Rams will take Monroe to open running holes and protect the brital Bulger.
Aaron Curry, OLB - Wake Forest The Chiefs need a pass rusher as well as LB but no pass rusher is deserving of a pick this high. Curry is the guy. He will pick up pointers from Thomas and Vrable all season and eventually team with Derrick Johnson to form one of the better inside LB duo's in the league.
Jason Smith, OT - Baylor The Seahawks can go in several directions here but they have to solidify their LT of the future while improving the right side this year. Jason Smith is the best athlete of the tackles this year and will be a starter day one.
Brian Orakpo, DE - Texas Crabtree would have been the best selection here but rumors are he came off as arrogant in his meeting with the Browns and turned the organization off. So Cleveland will fill the need for a pass rusher. Orakpo is a risky pick since he will have to shift to OLB from DE in the 3-4 and it isn't known if he can play the position.
Andre Smith, OT - Alabama The Bengals will improve the team with whoever they pick here. Leave it to the Bengals though to take a player with issues. Smith will dominate if his head is right. If not it will be another Bengals blunder. They may jump all over Crabtree if he is on the board.
Michael Crabtree, WR - Texas Tech The Raiders fill a major need by taking Crabtree. He should give the Raiders a big play threat from day one.
B.J. Raji, DT - Boston College The Jags would like Crabtree or one of the tackles to drop to them. Raji will upgrade the run defense along side of John Henderson.
Aaron Maybin, DE - Penn State Maybin moves in opposite Aaron Kampman and provides a pass rush off the right end. Raji will be snagged if he is still on the board.
Mark Sanchez, QB - USC If Alex Smith wins the job the Niners will have a nice piece to trade. Chances are that Sanchez wins the job. He won't be this years Matt Ryan but he will eventually work himself into a pretty good starter.
Everett Brown, DE - Florida State The Bills could use a DE and Brown gives them the pass rusher they need opposite Schobel.
Tyson Jackson, DE - LSU The Broncos are switching to a 3-4. Jackson should help the rush defense that ranked 27th in the league last year.
Rey Maualuga, LB - USC Maualuga will be a one man wrecking crew behind newly signed Albert Haynesworth.
Chris Wells, RB - Ohio State With Deuce gone and Bush being inconsistent and injury prone, look for the Saints to get a back that can be a feature back.
Brian Cushing, LB - USC Cushing could step into the strong side backer and help Ryans against the run.
James Laurinaitis, LB - Ohio State Laurinaitis should be able to improve the LB group. He has good instincts and is versatile enough to stay on the field in passing situations.
Malcolm Jenkins, CB - Ohio State Jenkins will team with Revis and give the Jets one of the top defensive backfields in the NFL for the next 8 years.
Vontae Davis, CB - Illinois Davis can learn from Champ Bailey for a couple years as he slides into the hole left by Dre Bly.
Peria Jerry, DT - Ole Miss Tampa was well below average against the run last year. The Bucs get a great value pick here by getting a top DT that can stuff the run.
Michael Oher, OT - Ole Miss If Oher focuses and uses his strength, he could be a steal as he protects Staffords back for the next decade.
Knowshon Moreno, RB - Georgia Westbrook should be the main man for another year or two but Moreno will provide a great second option until he picks up the full time gig in a couple years.
Jeremy Maclin, WR - Missouri Minnesota benefits from Cleveland passing on Crabtree. That means the Raiders take Crabtree instead of Maclin and the Jags get Raji which drops Maclin to them. Maclin will play even faster in the dome.
Donald Brown, RB - Connecticut Brown may take Maroney's job before the season is over because of his all around ability.
Brandon Pettigrew, TE - Oklahoma St. Pettigrew gives the Falcons a threat over the middle for Matt Ryan. The Falcons get the top TE in the draft and great value at number 24 overall.
Kenny Britt, WR - Rutgers Miami will take a chance that the top notch speed of Britt translates to the field and his size makes him a redzone threat.
Michael Johnson, DE - Georgia Tech Johnson has a few question marks since he had an off senior season but the Ravens veterans will get this guy to play full tilt. That means the Ravens may have the steal of the first round.
Percy Harvin, WR - Florida Harvin will slide due to his positive marijuana test. But this would be ideal for Harvin. He can run end arounds, and play as the third receiver instead of trying to be a number one option somewhere.
Eben Britton, OT - Arizona The Bills have to replace recently traded Jason Peters. Britton is considered by many as the next best OT available here.
Hakeem Nicks, WR - North Carolina I think the Giants will trade this pick for a receiver but until then they fill a void there by taking a chance on Hakeem Nicks. Remember they lost Plax and Toomer so picking a receiver is a must.
Evander Hood, DT - Missouri The Titans need a little help on the interior now that Haynesworth has gone to Washington.
LeSean McCoy, RB - Pittsburgh McCoy solidifies the offense by giving the Cardinals an every down back. He is one of the better pass catchers available in this runnning back class.
Robert Ayers, DE - Tennessee Ayers gives the Steelers a solid prospect behind Aaron Smith and Brett Keisel.

The following Mock Draft is based on how Midampub predicts the draft will unfold. Not based on midampub's rankings of the best prospects.