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NFL Mock Draft

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Updated: 8/2/2017

Jake Long, OT - Michigan The Fish could use help everywhere. Now that Parcells is in charge Beck may not get his shot in his second year. BP likes to win now and may not put up with a developing QB that wasn't his draft pick. Running back is solid if Brown returns healthy but if he is slowed or ineffective, this is an area that could improve. With the loss of Chambers, the skilled players need to improve. The defense broke down last year and a youth movement is needed badly everywhere. There is little depth at the OG position and OT positions.
Chris Long, DE - Virginia Future wideouts that can learn for a year or two under Holt and Bruce. The DL needs an upgrade to stuff the run. The Rams still need someone to rush the passer. The OL is soft and has to improve to open the holes for Jackson.
Matt Ryan, QB - Boston College Harrington played decent at times but isn't the long term answer. Another back to help Norwood would be welcome because he hasn't proven he can carry the load. The OL needs to be rebuilt to match their offensive style. The Falcons still get beat deep too often and they need someone to help slow down the run.
Glenn Dorsey, DT - LSU Fargas did well but the Raiders could use more explosion and a workhorse back. The DL is aging and could use some help. The OL was much improved but there are still a few weak links there.
Sedrick Ellis, DT - USC Bowe is a stud but there is little after him. Gonzo is aging and a replacement needs to be identified now. The line has had trouble opening holes for LJ all year. Croyle doesn't appear to be the answer and some competition is needed. Law and Surtain are both on the wrong side of 30.
Darren McFadden, RB - Arkansas Washington is a great change of pace guy but probably not an every down back. Jones showed he is slowing down and only has a short time left. The OL could use slight tweaking. Most of the defense can improve. They are set at only a few positions. They really just need the biggest impact player here.
Mike Jenkins, CB - South Florida Boy its a really good thing the Pats get this pick because they really need some help. HA. There isn't much they need so the Pats can look to build some depth in places. Of what we will call their "needs", NE could use a replacement for Harrison at some point.
Vernon Gholston, DE - Ohio State The defensive backfield needs some youth and health. Selecting someone here will improve their depth. A playmaker on the outside is a must to kick start the anemic offense. A better QB to challenge Boller because McNair is done. How old is Ray Lewis now?
Derrick Harvey, DE - Florida Well the Bengals should probably start and finish with a LB. They should slip a DL in there somewhere along with someone to block on the OL. There are a lot of weapons here but not many guys that can block and tackle.
Leodis McKelvin, CB - Troy The offense is there. Possibly another bruising back in case Duece can't go again because Bush isn't a solid as a runner. The DTs are all aging and some fresh legs would improve the run defense. The corners are average at best. The LBs are steady but a little more athletiscm would be nice.
Malcolm Kelly, WR - Oklahoma The WRs are weak after Evans. The line is solid but needs some help with depth. Quality and depth are both concerns inthe defensive backfield. A run stuffing DT is needed.
Ryan Clady, OT - Boise State The Broncos did much better in the second half against the run but must improve there if they want to be a legit super bowl contender. The OL is solid but depth is an issue. If Travis Henry doesn't return, an everydown back would be needed to improve the depth. Safety is getting old and could improve and is about the only weakness in the passing game.
Calais Campbell, DE - Miami Carr isn't the answer and Delhomme is past his effective prime. The Guard position could use some fresh legs. They need to stop teams from burning them deep.
Keith Rivers, OLB - USC Grossman can get it done to a certain point but he just isn't a championship level quarterback. The line is getting older and will need an upgrade soon. The Bears need to bolster the depth at several key defensive positions because age and injury are starting to show their weaknesses.
Aqib Talib, CB - Kansas A pass catching TE is a must. The OG position needs an upgrade. The pass defense is horrible. The most likely selection will be in the defensive backfield.
Jonathan Stewart, RB - Oregon Warner is not the answer as a starter and his backup days are winding down. Lienart has a ton of potential but a little competition wouldn't hurt and it would give the Cards quality depth in case of an injury. They shouldn't take a first day QB prospect however. The DE position has talent when healthy but health is becoming an issue. One more stud lineman would solidify a young athletic group. Edge only has a few years left at most so finding his successor is a must.
DeSean Jackson, WR - California They absolutely need someone to throw the ball. It is hard to evaluate the receivers until someone is capable of getting theball to them. Peterson and Taylor could use a lead blocker to replace Richardson soon. The line backers and defensive backs need upgraded.
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB - Tenn. St. Ahman Green wasn't the answer. LT Salaam is aging and the line could still be better. The defense is in the middle of the pack or lower in both rushing and passing. A lot of help is needed on that side of the ball.
Sam Baker, OT - USC The defensive backfield needs to get younger. Now is the time to groom the replacements. The OL is solid but is getting old in a few positions.
Mario Manningham, WR - Michigan Galloway can't go on forever and no one else has made a move as the next great thing. Garcia doesn't have many more years left and Gradkowski needs some competition. The defense has some aging positions that need to be re-stocked.
Limas Sweed, WR - Texas The guards are rapidly aging. Safety help is needed with the unfortunate death of Taylor. Moss, Randle El, Thrash and Lloyd aren't very good as a unit. The DEs and LBs are aging.
Jeff Otah, OT - Pittsburgh Depth at OG is needed and youth will be needed soon at the OT positions. The WRs are still productive but an heir to T.O. would be nice to identify. The pass defense is 20th in league.
Branden Albert, G - Virginia A shut down corner is needed. If Faneca leaves, the Steelers would desperatly need to replace him. Smith and Kiesel will both be 30+. An ILB would also be nice to start grooming.
Kentwan Balmer, DT - North Carolina Some protection in case haynesworth leaves. The LBs are aging so replacements need to be identified. The OL is aging and could use a slight improvement. The pass defense is solid but a shut down guy would be nice if Pac Man doesn't return.
Rashard Mendenhall, RB - Illinois The team needs to replace Alexander sooner than later. he may not have another year in him. The line to protect the passer and open holes needs an upgrade. The DB is aging and it could use an athletic upgrade. The tackles are average.
Phillip Merling, DE - Clemson The Cowboys don't need a replacement now but it is a good time to start grooming a replacement for Owens and Glenn.
Dan Conner, LB - Penn State I'm pretty sure the draft won't improve the coaching situation. Running back depth is needed if Turner leaves. Wilhelm is decent but the Chargers could use an upgrade there. Williams is aging at the nose.
Felix Jones, RB - Arkansas Depth at OG is needed and youth will be needed soon at the OT positions. The WRs are still productive but an heir to T.O. would be nice to identify. The pass defense is 20th in league.
Gosder Cherilus, OT - Boston College Lelie and Jackson aren't the answer on the outside and an explosive playmaker is needed. Dilfer is too old to lead the team and Smith hasn't progressed enough to be considered the man yet. Some competition and a possible replacement at the QB would be welcomed. The OL must open holes better and protect the passer better. There is some age up the middle defensively that should start to get revamped.
Kenny Phillips, S - Miami The OL has a lot of youth but the Tackles are aging and the team could use some depth. Rodgers will get a shot to replace Favre but depth and competition is a must. The LBs are good but could get better. Corner is probably the biggest need. Woodson and Harris are both on the wrong side of 30.
Chris Williams, OT - Vanderbilt Well Eli earned the starting position and the Giants can stay away from picking one up in the draft. The RBs are talented but injury prone. A classic every down guy would be nice. Depth on the OL is needed. A youthful running partner for Ross is needed. The LBs are solid but could be better.

The following Mock Draft is based on how Midampub predicts the draft will unfold. Not based on midampub's rankings of the best prospects.