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NFL Mock Draft

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Updated: 8/2/2017

JaMarcus Russell, QB - LSU Walter doesn't look like the answer but he is young and still may get his shot. The running game was non existent this year but Jordan is capable and will be back next year. Getting better players on the OL would improve the rushing game. The DL needs a youth movement. What was once a promising WR corp is now unsettled and needs an infusion of talented youth.
Brady Quinn, QB - Notre Dame The Lions give up more yards per game than they gain so grabbing a defensive player wouldn't hurt. They did have injuries on that side of the ball though. The team could use another back to tandem with Jones or use when Jones goes down because they lack a running game without him. Kitna is getting older and if the team doesn't expect McOwn to be anything but a backup, they need to draft Kitna's replacement.
Adrian Peterson, RB - Oklahoma The Browns have one of the 5 worst OL units in the NFL. Drafting a couple O-linemen is a must. Droughns is at the point where his replacement needs to be found and groomed. A solid run stuffer is a must. Another athletic LB to help in the 3-4. There is no big time DB on the roster and it is extremely thin back there. I love Peterson's talent and think he could be a beast. But what holes will he have to run through and will the offense get on the field enough to give him the ball? Strong talent but an aweful pick for the Browns.
Calvin Johnson, WR - Georgia Tech The offense has been poor this year. Cadillac has done well but the holes haven't been there consistently. Gradkowski looks like he is going to be good. The team can still resign Simms as protection. Alstot may be at the end of the line. The defense has some age that needs to be replaced sooner than later. It takes receivers a year or two to make an impact in the pro game. JOhnson will make whichever QB they put back there better and the receivers opposite him simply by being a threat on the field.
Joe Thomas, OT - Wisonsin They are improving defensively and have offensive weapons in Fitz, Boldin, Leinart and Edge. Now they need to try to protect them. A defensive back is needed. A LB that can play side line to side line. They need some beef up front on the defensive side of the ball to shut down the run.
Gaines Adams, DE - Clemson Randle El and Lloyd were not the answer opposite Moss. It is too early to know about Campbell but he gets his shot. The team may lose Betts as a FA so they need to protect themselves against Portis not being ready. The DB's are talented but the DE's get no pressure on the QB. A SS is a must.
Dwayne Jarrett, WR - USC The offense needs to get in the end zone. The main problem has been the QB play. The team must bring in fresh blood. Bollinger and Jackson are not the answer. A big time receiver is needed. The DL is rock solid but the LB's and CB's can be improved.
Laron Landry, S - LSU They have 3 first rounders at WR so drafting another one there wouldn't be a good idea but they desperately need someone to catch the ball. The OL had a couple injuries and showed the lack of depth. The defense plays well some weeks and then other weeks they can't stop anyone on the ground. They give up too many big big plays through the air. A S is a must. A DE that can stay on the field and get to the QB would be appreciated.
Jamaal Anderson, DE - Arkansas The OL is thin and has had injuries this year. With Ronnie Brown running behind them, they need to open some better holes. Welker could leave as a FA and Booker is aging. The next 2 in line are converted QB's from college. The defense is getting older at some critical positions so they could use talented youth anywhere on defense.
Levi Brown, OT - Penn State The running game needs to improve. Davis may be the answer but do the Texans want to risk the season on him. Lundy is above average and could do the job if the OL was better. They could use a replacement anywhere on the left side of the line. A top notch DB is needed. If Babin could bulk up, he may be the answer but another pass rusher opposite Williams would be nice.
Leon Hall, CB - Michigan A dynamic number one WR. A solid defensive back or two. The LBs are aging and need some depth. A pass rushing DE.
Alan Branch, DT - Michigan The OL is thin, could lose some people in the off-season so the need to improve there. It looks like Losman may be ok at some point but they may want to think about bringing in a plan B. The DL could use some better run stuffers. The linebackers need some youth and future replacements.
Aaron Ross, CB - Texas Holt and Bruce are both one the wrong side of 30. Curtis could leave as a FA. A solid CB or S is needed. Little is the only guy that gets to the QB. A DL could help stop the run because the Rams haven't stopped anyone this year. A young athletic LB should get selected.
Jon Beason, LB - Miami (Fla.) If Colbert isn't the answer, someone to run with Steve Smith for the next several years. A successor to Delhomme or improvement, however you want to look at it. A DE that can stop the run. LB depth. Saftey help.
Daymeion Hughes, CB - California A shut down corner is needed. The OL has been very good but were a little iffy. Expect a bounce back from them but a little depth and competition never hurts. They have Harrison and Foote is 26 but Farrior is 31, Porter is 29 and Haggans is 29 so let the grooming start. I'm not sure Holmes is going to be the answer at WR but better quality here would be nice.
Marshawn Lynch, RB - California The QB position is in question. Is Rogers the answer and will he get his chance? The RB position will be hurt if Green leaves via free agency. The pass defense needs to improve. A shut down corner opposite Harris is needed. Blackmon may be that guy. TE could get an overhaul. A LOLB or MLB is needed.
Ted Ginn Jr., WR - Ohio State Taking another WR would be rough but what they have hasn't lived up to expectations yet. Garrard isn't a franchise QB. Leftwich would be if he could stay healthy. An upgrade to the LB corp is needed. A safety.
Quentin Moses, DE - Georgia They have to resign Steinbach. ROT Anderson is getting older. The team has had a lot of injuries to the LB corp so depth would be nice there. The DL needs an upgrade against the run and pass rush.
Lawrence Timmons, LB - Florida State The Titans do not have a legit number one receiver for Young to throw to. The running game looks like it will be solid with Henry and White. Defensively, the Titans are last in the league. The need to stop the run. Another corner opposite Jones would be nice and a hard hitting MLB would be nice.
Darrelle Revis , CB - Pittsburgh I think another QB to push Eli and possibly take his job if Eli doesn't play at least like a first round pick. That could wait til the third or 4th round though. A RB to replace Tiki. I like Jacobs but they can't go into the season with him as their only option. An OLB to stuff the run. A defensive back that can catch and convert interceptions.
Jarvis Moss, DE - Florida A durable RB to team with Tatum Bell. I love Bell but he gets dinged too much. The OL needs serious depth. A pass rushing DE to team with Dumervil in the future. A free safety to replace the aging Lynch.
Robert Meachem, WR - Tennessee The offensive line was so weak, the team turned to a scrambling QB to make everything look nice up front. TO and Glenn are both 32 and only have a few years left at their current level. A young run stuffing NT. A better CB to move Henry to the nickle would make the DBs much better. And dare I say it but it lookeed like I was correct and defensive coordinators already figured out Romo. Maybe a little competition wouldn't hurt.
Dwayne Bowe, WR - LSU A capable WR is a must. If Gonzo leaves, WR is even a bigger need but TE would be too. Will Shields is probably done. Turley could be replaced as well. Three of the four DBs are 30+ so bringing in someone to learn from the crafty vets is a must.
Patrick Willis (I), LB - Mississippi If the team loses Morris, they need some RB depth. The OL has a lot of age on it and could use some quality depth. Corner help to allow Herndon to move to the nickle.
Justin Blalock, OG - Texas Clement and Kendall need to be replaced. A couple pass rushing DEs. There are a lot of RBs in the mix but none other than maybe Washington seem to be able to carry the load. An explosive back would be welcome.
Michael Griffin Sr., S - Texas A bigger back to take the pounding off Westbrook. A QB to learn behind McNabb for a couple years. A free safety to learn behind Dawkins. A strong middle linebacker.
Greg Olsen, TE - Miami (Fla.) A pass catching TE. DE depth. A young defensive tackle. Three of the top 4 corners are over 30. So are their top 2 SS's. A dominating LB would be nice to improve the corp.
Ben Grubbs, OG - Auburn A new QB. Just joking. The wide outs have done ok and Jackson is just a rookie but someone to line up opposite him is a must. The LBs are aging in the middle. This team always seems to need depth to help in the defensive back field.
Paul Posluszny (O), LB - Penn State The LBs are aging and they could lose Thomas to free agency. The RB situation has been iffy. Lewis is not as explosive as 3 years ago, Anderson is a solid backup but well past the age of 30 and Musa may leave as a FA. Boller is obviously not their man so another QB to groom is welcomed. Clayton has played ok and Mason is winding down so another option at the wideout would be nice. The defensive backfield is aging.
Adam Carriker, DE - Nebraska A backup RB since the team will likely lose Turner. A wide out to replace McCardell needs to happen sooner than later. The team still gets beat too much in the passing game so a shut down corner or solid safety is necessary. An OG to replace Dielman if they lose him in the off-season.
Reggie Nelson, DB - Florida Muhammed is aging. Unless Berrian and Bradley step up as a number 1 guy soon, another receiver should be loooked at. The OL is getting a little older with 4 guys that will be 30+ next year. DB depth could help the defense. If Grossman continues to struggle, a Qb for the future may need to be brought in. If the team loses Briggs, an OLB.
Justin Harrell, DT - Tennessee The team is thin at the WR position after Wayne and Harrison. They need to groom the man to replace Harrison and play next to Wayne in the near future. The defense has gone small and quick but that style sometimmes ahs trouble against the run. A run stuffing DL would be nice. A top tier LB should be snagged and another pass rusher. The OL is good but depth is thin.

The following Mock Draft is based on how Midampub predicts the draft will unfold. Not based on midampub's rankings of the best prospects.