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NBA Mock Draft

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Updated: 1/5/2019

Ben McLemore, SG - Kansas Injury history and a win now mentality from the organization probably knocks Noel out from this pick. The Cavs need players who can stretch the court, produce now, and put the ball in the basket. McLemore has the potential to be the drafts best scorer and will likely be the Cavs pick.
Nerlens Noel, C - Kentucky If they aren't sold on Burke they will have to take the best player available. Noel will improve the interior defense. The Magic will need to do something with all the inside guys but they need as talent.
Otto Porter, SF - Georgetown The threes for the Wiz last season were below average. They need a significant upgrade if they are going to turn things around. Porter can make an impact in all areas of the game and doesn't have to dominate the ball.
Victor Oladipo, SG - Indiana The perimeter should be on lock down with Oladipo and Kidd-Gilchrist. Oladipo should score off energy until his shot gets more consistent.
Alex Len, C - Maryland Legit size and skill. His feet issues should scare most off. If he can simply defend the basket it may be worth the pick here.
Trey Burke, PG - Michigan The Pelicans need a better playmaker at the PG. Vasquez is solid but is better suited as a bench player.
Cody Zeller, C - Indiana Hopefully his personality will rub off on Cousins. The Kings frontcourt should be one of the more talented ones in the league.
Anthony Bennett, F - UNLV The Pistons need a SF and will likley play Bennett there. Bennett may be the best player in this draft. He could also bust if he can't handle the three.
CJ McCollum, SG - Lehigh The Wolves need someone who can knock down shots. McCollum is one of the draft's best at that. He should give productivity at the two and one.
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, SG - Georgia A big man may happen here too especially if they lose Hickson. But a shot maker at the two has been needed since Brandon Roy filled the spot. Caldwell-Pope can make shots and is a good defender. He should be able to see minutes early.
Steven Adams, C - Pittsburgh Obviously I am predicting the Andrew Bynum isn't coming back. Adams gives the team legit size and will allow the team to move Hawes to the four to utilize his perimter stroke. Adams won't be a player early other than eating space. It will be a challenge to improve his offense at this level.
Gorgui Dieng, C - Louisville Deing will be needed to step in and protect the rim right away. He won't need to score much but he will need to grab rebounds.
Michael Carter-Williams, PG - Syracuse The Mavs will get the PG with potentially the biggest upside in the draft. He has great size and quickness for the position. He is a good defender and ball handler. It will come down to his jump shot. If he finds one, he will be really good.
Shane Larkin, PG - Miami Utah needs a good young lead guard. Larkin is possibly the draft's top athlete. He gets up and down the court and sometimes gets out of control. If his teammates can keep up with him, the pace may change in Utah.
Kelly Olynyk, PF-C - Gonzaga They need some inside punch. They will have an easier time in free agency replacing the guards. Olynyk will need to get stronger and play better defense but he should give the team a solid offensive weapon.
Shabazz Muhammed, SF - UCLA I am going to buy into Muhammed sliding down the list. If rumors are true about Pierce and KG to LA then the C's will need a scoring replacement for Pierce. They will have some defensive players in place but won't have a ton of offense. This will help there.
Mason Plumlee, PF - Duke There may be a couple big men with a higher ceiling than Plumlee but he is probably the safer pick. The Hawks will need some interior help next season and will need him right away.
Jamaal Franklin, SG - San Diego State The Hawks will need some athleticism next season. Someone will need to play defense against some of the leagues more talented players. Franklin has the ability to be a defensive presence.
Glen Rice Jr, SG - NBDL Cleveland needs someone off the bench that can knock down shots. Rice Jr can play the three and make catch and shoot shots. This will be a nice addition to the rotation.
Tim Hardaway Jr, SG - Michigan The Bulls will need a shooter in the backcourt or a big man. Hardaway will challenge Jimmy Butler and keep Butler on his game or else.
Giannis Adetokoubo, SF - Greece The Jazz have Hayward but he can play the two as well. They don't want to have to play Marv Williams again and can hopefully move him. This is a major project but the Jazz can be patient with him.
Rudy Gobert, C - France The Nets need more inside depth. This is a bit of a project but maybe Lopez will be a good mentor for him.
Dennis Schroeder, PG - Germany The Pacers need someone to take care ofthe ball. We will see how much Schroeder reminds people of Rondo once he gets run with the Pacers.
Tony Mitchell, F - North Texas They are old up front. Amare is better suited to come off the bench and see limited minutes next season. If they are going to play small, they may as well put a potential rebounding machine in the lineup.
Allen Crabbe, SG - California If Chris Paul stays, they need someone who can make shots off the catch. The two guard is getting older. This is probably a pick that will be traded. But until that happens, you like that the Clips get a shot maker.
Reggie Bullock - SF, North Carolina Minnesota had issues making shots last season. After this draft, that should no longer be a weakness. Bullock is a crafty scorer who can get hot from the outside.
Tony Snell, SF - New Mexico Gallinari could be out for a bit, Iguodala may walk. That leaves the job to Chandler. They need some depth and competition at the three.
Mike Muscala, C - Bucknell I can see SA going in almost any direction. They need to rebuild with youth in a lot of places. Jeff Withey could be a pick here if they want to go defense over offense. I will stick with this pick since I see a good fit here.
Sergey Karasev, SF - Russia If Martin leaves they may need a shot maker off the bench. Karasev can shoot. This would be one of the few places he can thrive early in his career. He could bust somewhere else where he needs to do more than shoot.
Ricky Ledo, SG - Providence The Suns need a lot. One if outside shooting which could make the pick other than Ledo. But he is a scorer which they also need and he can play the point when needed. This is a potential pick.

The following Mock Draft is based on how Midampub predicts the draft will unfold. Not based on midampub's rankings of the best prospects.