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NBA Mock Draft

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Updated: 1/5/2019

Kyrie Irving, PG - Duke Irving will have a ton of pressure on him being the guy to save the team. He better be the next Chris Paul or they will regret passing on Derrick Williams.
Derrick Williams, SF - Arizona Although not an area of need the best player in the draft has to go number two. Whether the Wolves use the pick and trade someone or trade the pick, Williams has to come off the board here.
Brandon Knight, PG - Kentucky Utah needs to find a better lead man than Harris if they want to become a contender again out West. Knight's all around game should help spark the comeback.
Enes Kanter, C - Turkey The rumors are they are cooling on Kanter. I think it is smokescreens. They need more pop inside than what Varejao can give them if they want to be a contender again.
Kawhi Leonard, SF - San Diego State James Johnson is decent but the Raptors could use more production from this spot. Leonard should at least bring more athleticism and quickness to the lineup.
Jan Vesely, SF - Czech Republic They need an upgrade over Rashard Lewis, Maurice Evans and Larry owens. Vesely will need time to develop.
Kemba Walker, PG - Connecticut Walker is slightly below Kyrie Irving so the Kings get a solid PG. In the end, maybe the best PG.
Chris Singleton, SF - Florida State Prince will likely move on. I don't think they can go into the season relying on Austin Daye. Singleton is the start of getting the Pistons back to their bad boy defense.
Jonas Valanciunas, C - Lithuania They need some inside production from someone. Valaciunas has solid post moves. Capable of producing immediately if strength doesn't hold him back.
Alec Burks, SG - Colorado Redd is finished. Salmons would be better suited off the bench. Burks should take pressure off Jennings and Bogut to score.
Bismack Biyombo, PF - Congo The Warriors need to improve defensively everywhere. Biyombo can make some guys look better by protecting the rim and making up for their mistakes.
Klay Thompson, SG - Washington State The Utah backcourt completes its makeover. The team hopes this pairing is the next Stockton-Hornacek.
Jimmer Fredette, PG - BYU Grant Hill is getting to the end and he doesn't stretch the defense the way Fredette will.
Nikola Vucevic, C - USC Yao's replacement will come in and be solid. He can step out to 18 as well as score on the block.
Marshon Brooks, SG - Providence Some competition for George just in case he doesn't improve. Brooks has the ability to fill it up.
Tristan Thompson, PF - Texas Thompson will be counted on to bring some inside toughness. It will take some time for his offense to come around.
Josh Selby, PG - Kansas Someone will need to replace Billups within the next year or so. They get great value here as I have Selby as the 4th best PG available.
Marcus Morris, PF - Kansas Washington has size but no one that is extremely physical. Morris should help there slightly.
Donatas Motiejunas, PF - Lithuania The Bobcats need some inside help and Motiejunas will help at the 4 or 5 eventually.
Jordan Hamilton, SF - Texas The Wolves get a good value pick here as Hamilton has been sliding down the board. They get a scorer off the bench that is more of a true three than Beasley.
Reggie Jackson, PG - Boston College Jackson should be a nice steal this late. He is an explosive athlete that will get the ball to Aldridge, Matthews and Wallace.
Markieff Morris, PF - Kansas The Nuggets need a more physical presence next to Nene. Morris will need to develop into a scorer but he should bring aggression, rebounding and defense immediately.
Tyler Honeycutt, SF - UCLA The Rockets get a solid wing that can do a little of everything. He can play the three or two. After going big early, they get their replacement for trading Battier.
Tobias Harris, PF - Tennessee The Thunder get a little more athletic at the four. We saw what a big like Dirk did to their fours.
Justin Harper, PF - Richmond They hope that KG rubs off on him. Skill set if very similar. Can the Celts get the aggression out of Harper?
Darius Morris, PG - Michigan The Mavs will need someone once Kidd retires. Even if Barea resigns. Morris can play both positions and eventually fill in for Terry's minutes.
Kenneth Faried, PF - Morehead State Faried is an inside force with a crazy motor. He won't ever be a 20 ppg guy but he could be the next Rodman.
Charles Jenkins, PG - Hofstra Derrick Rose isn't going anywhere but they could use some depth here.
Davis Bertans, SF - Latvia He should bring a little outside threat to the team and possibly be a stretch four at some point.
JaJuan Johnson, PF - Purdue The Bulls will hope they get at least Noah here but there is potential to get Noah plus offense.

The following Mock Draft is based on how Midampub predicts the draft will unfold. Not based on midampub's rankings of the best prospects.