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NBA Mock Draft

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Updated: 1/5/2019

John Wall, PG - Kentucky This opens up a lot of possibilities with Gilbert Arenas. Will they release him, trade him or play him next to John Wall. Because, they need to take Wall. I can make a little case for Turner here but Wall has the most potential and point guards like Wall are rare. He could be the calming presence they have lacked.
Evan Turner, SG - Ohio State The Sixers have to take Turner here. They need more play makers and scorers and Turner can do both of them. He and Iguodala on the wings give Philly a nice one two punch.
Derrick Favors, PF - Georgia Tech The Nets lost on Wall but get a player with huge potential. Jianlian has proven both inconsistent and injury prone during his career. The Nets could use a little more muscle inside to help Lopez on both ends of the floor. Favors is young and will need a little time to adjust but it shouldn't take long.
DeMarcus Cousins, C - Kentucky Milicic, Hollins, Doleac, Blount, Olowokandi are just some of the names of guys trying to fill the middle for the Wolves. Cousins has the ability to end the long suffering of post play if he can mentally make the transition. Of course Minnesota may pass and Cousins could slide down the draft board hard after his participation at the combine.
Wesley Johnson, SF - Syracuse Sacramento could use a bigger option at the four and could opt for Ed Davis or Greg Monroe here but they could also take one of the most versatile players in the draft in Wesley Johnson and team him with Tyreke Evans. Those two could be deadly together.
Greg Monroe, C - Georgetown The Warriors could use a little beef and defense up front. Cousins could fill the hole if he drops. If he is off the board Greg Monroe is the next best thing. He brings a little more polished game than Biendrins and more size than Turiaf.
Ed Davis, PF - North Carolina The Pistons desperately need some bigs. Davis brings some length and shot blocking as well as a potential scorer once he gets stronger.
Al-Farouq Aminu, SF - Wake Forest The Clips have a nice core with Davis, Gordon, Kaman and Griffin but Griffin is a little bit of a question mark now. Aminu is the final piece of the starting unit. He should be able to run the floor, finish the break, hit the glass and most importantly, defend.
Luke Babbitt, SF, Nevada Utah could go in several directions here. The rumor is Babbitt at number 9 to Utah. I find it hard to believe that the Jazz will take Babbitt here but why fight rumors. The Jazz bigger priority is a defender at the rim. They could get that. If they are going to go scorer here I would think Anderson or Henry would be a better fit and more complete player.
Ekpe Udoh, PF - Baylor PG is a major need here so Bledsoe could be snagged. The Pacers also need to improve defensively up front by getting quicker. Udoh is one of the best shot blockers in the draft and gives the Pacers some much needed athleticism up front.
Cole Aldrich, C - Kansas The Hornets have very little beyond West and Okafor inside. They could use more production, athleticism and beef inside. Aldrich gives the Hornets more size and a nice rebounder and mid range jump shooter.
Xavier Henry, SG - Kansas Memphis has a solid core and a nice mix of inside outside game. Henry would provide an outstanding shooter off the bench to stretch the defense. He could move into the three spot if Gay is allowed to leave. BUt that doesn't seem likely.
Gordon Hayward, SF - Butler Yes Bosh is likely leaving but they have Bargnani to replace him. If they move Turkoglu they will need someone to replace everything he can do. Hayward has the tools to do so.
Hassan Whiteside, C - Marshall They absolutely have to bring in more size whether Yao returns or not. Whiteside is someone to build a defense around.
Patrick Patterson, PF - Kentucky The Bucks need another inside presence besides Bogut. Patrick Patterson is a steal here and should be able to beat out Mbah a Moute and Ilasova for minutes.
Paul George, SF - Fresno State If Minnesota goes big with their first pick they can get a skilled three here. George is a fantastic prospect that could be a big time scorer for the Wolves.
Avery Bradley, SG - Texas The Bulls could play Bradley and Rose together and have an explosive backcourt. He also gives them depth at the point.
Eric Bledsoe, PG - Kentucky The point guard the Heat desperately need falls into their lap. Bledsoe is the second best PG in this class and gives Wade some help in the back court.
James Anderson, SG - Oklahoma State The Celtics are going to need a lot. Anderson is the start by replacing the aging Ray Allen in the lineup. He gives the C's a lights out shooter and a little more size from the position.
Craig Brackins, PF - Iowa State The Spurs need more than people think. They are aging and getting slow up front. Brackins is one of the more offensively skilled big men in the class and should learn quickly from Duncan.
Solomon Alabi, C - Florida State Alabi gives the Thunder someone to guard the rim and allow guys like Westbrook to really take chances.
Larry Sanders, PF - VA Commonwealth Portland has a ton of bigs if everyone sticks around but they have very few healthy bigs. Sanders is a young athlete that can play alongside Aldridge.
Damion James, SF - Texas The Wolves just need to get tougher and better defensively. James fills both needs.
Kevin Seraphin, PF - France Atlanta isn't tough enough defensively up front. Seraphin could solve that issue.
Jordan Crawford, SG - Xavier The Griz are really starting to stock up on scorers and athletes. They have tremendous depth on the wings after this pick.
Gani Lawal, PF - Georgia Tech Randolph had a career season but can be a free agent after next season. They quality after him is slim. Lawal can be groomed while providing quality minutes this season off the bench.
Devin Ebanks, SF - West Virginia New Jersey could use a versatile player with more size at the three. Williams is only 6-5, Hayes is just a shooter. Ebanks should bring a little of everything to the rebuilding Nets.
Willie Warren, PG - Oklahoma Warren can play either back court spot and he will provide insurance in case Conley takes a step back.
Quincy Pondexter, SF - Washington Orlando has scoring at every position and a lot of defense scattered among the roster. The Magic could get bigger and tougher defensively at the three. Pondexter will fill the need.
Daniel Orton, C - Kentucky Orton will have to prove he can play at this level. He isn't ready yet to be a big time player but he is a solid defender to protect the rim while he develops.

The following Mock Draft is based on how Midampub predicts the draft will unfold. Not based on midampub's rankings of the best prospects.