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NBA Mock Draft

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Updated: 1/5/2019

Blake Griffin - PF, Oklahoma Griffin has the size, strength and quickness to excel at the next level. He explodes around the basket. He handles the ball well for a big man. His perimeter game needs to improve. Drafting Griffin opens up trade possibilities for the Clippers. They likely won't be able to trade Zach Randolph. Will they ship Camby or Kaman for some much needed guard help?
Hasheem Thabeet, C - Connecticut He will have trouble keeping up with the NBA game. He is big though and a superb shot blocker once he gets up the floor. He rebounds well. He should team well with Gasol giving the team an offense - defense platoon.
James Harden, SG - Arizona State Good bulk. Average height. He is a scorer that can knock down the deep outside shot. Harden will fit in nicely at the two guard giving the Thunder one of the best offensive lineups in the league. The Thunder may also lose Wilkins and Mason to free agency.
Ricky Rubio, PG - Spain Great ball handling skills. He will need time to mature and gain strength in the American game. But he has good upside as a scorer and distributor. The Kings desperately need a young point guard that can take this team back to the playoffs. They will need to be patient with Rubio but he has the upside to be a good player.
Tyreke Evans, SG - Memphis NBA strength and body. He is a scorer. Gets to the basket well but its always going to be a shot. He rarely finds a teammate when he penetrates to make someone better. Poor outside shooter. Evans should start day one now that the depth chart has been traded away.
Stephen Curry, PG - Davidson Outstanding scorer. He works hard off the ball to get open looks. Has NBA range. Needs to improve as a ball handler to play the point. Not as athletic and quick as other NBA point guards. Stephen Curry should fit in with Evans in the Wolves backcourt perfectly.
Jordan Hill, PF - Arizona Not bulky enough to play the center full time in the NBA. Nice mid range jumper. Explosive to the basket. Good rebounder and shot blocker. Extremely athletic. Needs to get stronger. Hill should be an upgrade over Randolph or Wright and give the Warriors a solid post threat.
Jrue Holiday, PG - UCLA Holiday is billed as a one or two but he will be a one in the NBA. Similar to last year's Bruin Russell Westbrook. He is explosive going to the basket. He is a strong defender. The Knicks need Jordan Hill to drop to them but will settle for Holiday. Holiday should be a solid point guard for them in a year or two.
DeMar DeRozan, SG - USC Nice size but he needs to get stronger. More quick than fast. Good athlete. His range is limited for a guard. He can't live by just getting to the basket at the next level. He has the potential however because he has a nice shot. Since Marion, Parker, and Graham are all free agents and Kapono has been traded to Philadelphia, DeRozan will have to step right into the starting rotation.
Jonny Flynn, PG - Syracuse Quick, athletic and great leaping ability. Gets the ball up the floor quickly and into the offense. Not a great shooter behind the arc but consistent from 18 in. Not very big so he will have to rely on his quickness at the next level. Flynn should be an improvement from Sessions. The Bucks could resign Sessions though which could make Earl Clark the selection here.
Terrence Williams, SG - Louisville Willliams may be the best athlete in the class. He does a little bit of everything. He is inconsistent as a shooter but he has shown the ability to knock it down. With work he could become a very good shooter. He has the strength and leaping ability to excel on the boards at the next level. Remember that another super athletic do it all wing fell in the draft because he had a poor shooting percentage his senior year. His name, Michael Finley. Williams is finally getting the respect he deserves. He has been ranked 8th in my rankings for some time. He is a major upgrade over the Jersey guards.
Gerald Henderson, SG - Duke He doesn't have top NBA size but he is strong and athletic. He gets to the rim and is a decent ball handler. Henderson struggles from the perimeter but is improving. He is a solid defender especially on the perimeter. He hasn't dominated the college ranks but has picked it up in the second half of his junior season. Would be a great second round pick but likely disappointing as a first rounder. Henderson fills a Bobcat need. At least he is NBA ready at the defensive end.
Brandon Jennings, PG - Italy Based off one time viewing. Good athlete. Very quick. Good defender. Nice height but rail thin. He is much too weak to take an NBA pounding. Terrible fundamentals. This is a risky pick since Jennings hasn't proven that he can play at a high level. He better be better than what they had with Jack and Ford or the Pacers will be put back as a franchise for a few years.
Earl Clark, SF - Louisville Solid all around skills. Extremely athletic. He needs to gain consistency from behind the arc because he likely will be a small forward and not a power player at the next level. Phoenix gets a long athlete in an attempt to replace Grant Hill.
DeJuan Blair, PF - Pittsburgh Blair is the ideal college power player. He scores around the basket as well as anyone. He attacks the glass and goes after everthing like he owns the ball. His long arms allow him to get to more rebounds than someone normally at his size. He will have issues at the next level with the size and strength of some players. His lack of height will also make him a mediocre defender in the post. The Pistons need post players and Blair will provide powerful post play.
B.J. Mullens, C - Ohio State He is as athletic as the past two Buckeye centers and he is as talented but he isn't as effective. He needs to gain aggression and not be as soft. Good skills with both hands. Mullens is more of a true center that the Bulls need. He shouldn't have to step in right away and can develop for a year or so until Brad Miller moves on.
Eric Maynor, PG - VCU Maynor is more of a scorer than shooter but his shot is getting better. Super quick both offensively and defensively. He has the ability to get in the paint and he finds a way to score. He is thin and will need to get stronger. He can play out of control at times. Maynor is nice protection in case Andre Miller doesn't resign.
Austin Daye, SF - Gonzaga He won't be a star at the next level but he will be effective. He has a nonstop motor which will allow him to be a solid rebounder and scorer around the basket. Has an improved outside game. If Daye ever gains weight and strength, he could fill in at the four eventually. I would be surprised if they keep the pick. If they do Daye could give them yet another athletic three. He should be able to over take Corey Brewer in the lineup and allow the Wolves to let Rodney Carney to walk.
Jeff Teague, PG - Wake Forrest Teague is a quick scoring point guard that can get to the basket and finish. He has a good outside stroke but can get a little streaky in that area. He is a nice distributor that can change a game without scoring. He is good on the ball defensively. He plays out of control a lot which leads to silly and unforced turnovers. Bibby may not be back. Even if he is resigned, Teague could back him up for a couple years before taking over the team. This pick could change to Hansbrough if they trade for Jamal Crawford.
Sam Young, SF - Pittsburgh Versatile scorer from everywhere on the floor. He is not a great three point shooter however and needs to continue improving. A little small at the three but he has nice strength and bulk to play the position. The Jazz need depth everywhere. Sam Young will do a little bit of everything and fit right in to Sloan's system.
Tyler Hansbrough, PF - North Carolina He won't be a star at the next level but he will be effective. He has a nonstop motor which will allow him to be a solid rebounder and scorer around the basket. Has an improved outside game. Hansbrough is getting a lot of play since the end of the season but I still think the projections of him in the lottery are nuts. He should be a valuable energy and hustle guy behind David West and give them a little protection at the four.
Ty Lawson, PG - North Carolina Extremely quick. Good ball handler and distributor. He needs to be more consistent from the outside. Has improved every year in college. Strong upper body. The Blazers get a nice lead guard to help take them to the next level.
James Johnson, PF - Wake Forrest Johnson is mobile for a big man. He likely will end up as a three in the NBA. He can get to the basket and finish or step out and knock down the three. He needs to hit the glass as hard on the defensive end as he does on the offensive end but he is a decent rebounder overall. Needs to stay under control a little better. Steps up in big games. They picked their PG earlier and now they get some more athleticism in the froncourt to team with Thompson and Hawes.
Darren Collison, PG - UCLA Very fast from baseline to baseline. Great defender. Very good outside shooter. He is a big time point guard at a big time university with plenty of big game experience. Collison may be the top PG in the draft overall. Collison should give the Mavericks the speed Devin Harris provided before he was dealt to push the ball up the floor.
Toney Douglas, SG - Florida State He is a big time scorer but extremely undersized for the position. His range extends beyond the three point line. he can handle the ball but is not a good passer. Excellent free throw shooter. He is quick which should help defensive at anticipating passes for steals but he will be a liability defensively one on one. He should be able to backup first round pick James Harden and provide a spark like Eddie House has done throughout his career.
Chase Budinger, SG - Arizona Nice size for a shooting guard. Can play the three as well. He has a nice outside shot and excels at slashing to the basket. Decent ball handler and solid passer. Budinger will allow the Bulls to let Gordon walk. He has ideal size in the backcourt and replaces the outside shooting Gordon provided. Even if Gordon resigns, Budinger provides quality depth at a position that lacks depth.
DaJuan Summers, SF - Georgetown Good size, strength and athleticism. His outside game has improved every year and he is a very good shooter now. He disappears too easily from games. He is average defensively and on the boards. He should be better for his size. Summers will provide some frontcourt depth and potentially allow the Grizzles to play small with Gay and Summers together.
Omri Casspi, SF - Isreal I have not viewed Casspi play to evaluate him. He seems to be the best international player after Rubio. It's unlikely the Wolves keep four first round picks so it makes sense to draft someone that can stay overseas for a couple years.
Patrick Mills, PG - St. Mary's Mills is extremely quick. Good ball handler and distributor. Good outside shooter with decent range. Very smart player. Solid on the ball defender who can pressure the ball full court. The Lakers get a quality PG with this pick. He run the floor with Kobe nicely once Fisher decides to hang them up.
Derrick Brown, PF - Xavier Brown has NBA athleticism and extremely long arms but doesn't have a set position. He likely will have to settle into the three at the next level. He added the ability to knock down the three but isn't a good enough ball handler to live on the perimeter. He is strong and finishes around the basket. Not a good rebounder considering how well he jumps. Considering the Cavs found out they need to get more athletic on the perimeter with their bigs, this is a no brainer.

The following Mock Draft is based on how Midampub predicts the draft will unfold. Not based on midampub's rankings of the best prospects.