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NBA Draft Prospects

Greater than 95 - All NBA caliber player / superstar
90 to 95 - Star player that will make several All Star Teams
80 to 89 - Good productive NBA Starter for a decade
70 to 79 - Productive NBA bench player
60 to 69 - Capable of making a roster or will bounce between the D-League and NBA
Less than 60 - Will have difficulty making a D-League team / Europe bound
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1Josh JacksonKansas92
2OG AnunobyIndiana85
3Dwayne BaconFlorida State83
4Jonathan IsaacFlorida State83
5Terrance FergusonAdelaide78
6Tyler LydonSyracuse72
7Miles BridgesMichigan State71
8Jaron BlossomgameClemson71
9Alec PetersValparaiso70
Check back if you do not see a player ranked. I will rank players throughout the season as I get an opportunity to watch them play.