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NBA Draft Prospects

Greater than 95 - All NBA caliber player / superstar
90 to 95 - Star player that will make several All Star Teams
80 to 89 - Good productive NBA Starter for a decade
70 to 79 - Productive NBA bench player
60 to 69 - Capable of making a roster or will bounce between the D-League and NBA
Less than 60 - Will have difficulty making a D-League team / Europe bound
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1John CollinsWake Forest88
2Harry GilesDuke84
3TJ LeafUCLA81
4Ivan RabbCalifornia80
5Caleb SwaniganPurdue80
6Lauri MarkkanenArizona79
7Isaiah HartensteinInternational77
8Johnathan MotleyBaylor77
9Moritz WagnerMichigan70
10DJ WilsonMichigan70
11Antonio CampbellOhio69
12Jimmy HallKent State68
13Steve TaylorToledo68
14Jordan BellOregon67
15Marcus LeeCal58
16Kwan CheathamAkron51
Check back if you do not see a player ranked. I will rank players throughout the season as I get an opportunity to watch them play.